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Hard drive failing ?
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Hard drive failing ?
So I got this new HP Notebook about 3 years ago and I noticed that it started behaving really strangely. Every time I access the control panel it usually takes even 1-2 minutes for every icon to load and everything to open. Also when I open My Computer it shows like nothing is there even though it should show my hard drive and other external devices but once I re-log everything is there again. Also another thing that I've noticed is when I'm browsing the web it usually sometimes even takes 5 minutes for a website to fully open even though I have quite good internet download speed. Overall everything works pretty slow, when I open programs or files it takes quite a long amount of time for them to open and the operating system sometimes even fully freezes so I have to force reboot the system. I tried HD Tune to check if there are any damaged blocks but it showed that everything is working correctly. Since I have Seagate HDD I used their program to check the disk. I downloaded the program and burned it on a CD but for some reason it would never boot up. I also tried HP HDD Self-Test. The first quick test passed but the second one displayed an Error: Read Failure.

So my guess is that the HDD is on the way out but I'm not sure so I came here to ask what you guys think about this situation. The pictures that I've posted bellow show how I burned the Seagate HDD test program to a CD, how I set up the boot order and the HP HDD self-test results.

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23-09-17 9:58
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